Classrooms are rooms where students sit whole day and learn. That is why we made sure that benches in all classrooms are comfortable and designed according to students’ need. The rooms are spacious and painted minimally for better concentration. Each classroom also has a green notice board where the creative works of all students are showed for the whole class. We have 12 classrooms at present.

Music & Dance Room
Each child is unique and that is how the school treats its students. Students who are interested in music or dance have a special room allotted to them where they can learn the art under the right guidance. If a child is unsure of it, the school still provides the training so the child takes a sound decision later knowing well what he/she is leaving and what he/she is opting for.

Art & Craft Room
We give wings to the imagination of all students. Art & Crafts Room is constructed specifically so the students’ imagination can fly high, and that their wings are not clipped. In Art & Crafts Room students learn to draw, paint and make whatever they want and however they want. It gives freedom to students to drive their imagination in the direction they want and break the status quo with their creativity.
Every student is different, some are creative and some are technical. For the technical ones, we have a Science Lab and a Computer Lab where their practical classes of their curriculum take place.

Other Facilities
Library: Each school is incomplete without a library. The school’s library has a subscription to several journals and they are updated regularly, with books both fiction and non-fiction for students to read.
CCTV Surveillance: CCTV cameras are installed throughout the school to record all the actions and make sure that no one, both teachers, and students, is misbehaving or doing something against the school rules.
Medical Room: Injuries are inevitable; hence the school has a medical room where students are immediately attended to if they get hurt while playing. Or if a student is feeling unwell from a headache or anything else, he/she can rest in the Medical Room till he/she feels better.
Sports: Extra-curricular activities at school include several sports. We have qualified coaches for those interested in sports. Equipment and materials from several sports and games are available for children to play. We also provide coaching for Table Tennis
Playground: The school also has a big playground for children to indulge in recreational activities. Morning assembly and other big events at school, like Annual Day or Guest Talks are conducted inside